“Is My Mom Like Other Moms?”


★★★★★ “Highly recommended for Muslim kids”

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GKP is excited to announce its second title, a beautifully illustrated picture book designed to instill confidence in Muslim girls:

Is My Mom Like Other Moms?

Being different isn’t always easy. Spend the day with a new friend as she walks through town and learns what really makes her mom different, and what makes her the same as all moms.

Available on Amazon. Ramadan Mubarak!

FINAL cover.png

★★★★★ “Sweet and Simple with a Big Impact”

One of the latest books we’ve been reading that highlights the beauty of diversity is “Is My Mom Like Other Moms” by Humera Malik @booksforlittlemuslims. It makes a great beginner reader and is a great way to spark discussions with your child about being a visibly different race, faith or ethnicity and learning to see past our differences and find meaningful connection based on our similarities. –YJ

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